How Does A Keyless Deadbolt Keep Your Home Secure

Keyless Deadbolt Keep Your Home Secure

There isn’t any lock that’s impervious to a determined thief or burglar. Professional burglars know how to pick standard locks quickly, and even if you have high quality ‘pick-proof’ locks, they can be drilled out or simply smashed open with enough force. It is therefore important to have a functioning residential alarm system installed and working to provide yourself maximum protection.

How a keyless deadbolt works

With that being said, it is still important that you understand how locks work and what you can do to improve your home security. By employing keyless deadbolt rather than the regular door knob style spring loaded latch lock, you can reduce the chances of anyone other than a determined professional breaking in.

A Keyless Deadbolt is not spring loaded. The locking mechanism, a solid bar that extends into the door frame, cannot be pried back or forced open using a plastic card or thin strip of plastic. To be able to open a standard deadbolt lock, you need to use your key to turn the lock when you’re outside the door or turn the closing latch from inside.

Hard to break

An additional advantage of this type of lock is that by having the solid part of the lock usually extend one inch or more into your door frame, it makes the integrity of the door a lot more solid. Anyone who attempts to break down the door or kick it in will have much more of a challenge in contrast to doors using the small standard knob locks.

Because the lock extends into the door jamb, it helps prevent the trick of ‘springing’ the jamb. Crooks are aware that they can often open a locked door not by attempting to force the door, but by pushing on the door jamb on the lock side to force it away from the lock and let the door open. Check the jambs on your doors, particularly in older homes, and make sure the jambs close to the lock area cannot be just pushed or pried away from the lock.

You can open using a number code

A Keyless Deadbolt Lock is a particular kind of deadbolt that allows you to open the lock by entering a number code. You can set your code sequence of usually four digits, and when you wish to unlock the door, you just enter your code.

Easy to open if you lose your key

The benefit of a keyless deadbolt is obviously that you can still open the door if you lose your key, but also that you can set other unique codes to let tradespeople, friends or relations into the house if you are not at home. Separate codes may be set up for different occasions or needs and later removed from the lock memory. If you have children, a keypad deadbolt lock makes it simple always to keep the doors locked but still make it easy for family members to unlock the door.

If you don’t have the Keyless Deadbolt lock on all of the exterior doors of your home, it would be an excellent idea to get them put in. In the event, your doors are already pre-drilled for these, but they have not ever been put in, it’s easy to do it yourself job to put in the lock.


Take a few minutes to check out the doors to your house. And if you don’t have them already, install deadbolt locks on all of the doors that don’t have them.