5 Impressive Health Benefits Of Turmeric

turmeric health benefits

Turmeric has enjoyed a huge increase in popularity over the last couple of years. Primarily this has been because of numerous studies proving that this perennial herb, closely related to ginger, can deliver a wide range of significant health benefits. Until recently most people used turmeric simply to add color and a deep, earthy flavor to mainly Indian and Asian dishes. However since the health benefits have become better known, turmeric can now be taken in a variety of other formats such as best turmeric supplement, teas, and even skin creams.

Here are five of the most impressive health benefits of turmeric that everyone should be aware of.

1) A Very Powerful Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Turmeric is a wonderful source of curcumin, a natural and very powerful anti-inflammatory which can help alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of illnesses. While a little inflammation is necessary to keep our immune systems effective, chronic inflammation is an increasingly common problem and can be a precursor to many health issues. Turmeric is increasingly considered as being on a par with anti-inflammatory medicines and has the huge advantage of not presenting any unpleasant side effects. This is why many people take turmeric to lower their chances of contracting heart disease, Alzheimer’s, metabolic issues and even some cancers.

2) Curcumin Helps Combat Free Radicals

Free radicals can wreak havoc on the body and are believed to also be a precursor to the general decline and aging of the body. Thanks to turmeric’s aforementioned richness in curcumin, it is a natural antioxidant that not only helps expel these dangerous molecules but stimulates the production of our own antioxidant enzymes. This strengthens our overall immune systems against contracting general illnesses and bugs, as well as helps counteract the more serious long term health risks.

3) Excellent For Brain Health

Turmeric is capable of enhancing levels of healthy hormones that protect the brain against both degeneration and disruption. Scientifically speaking this is referred to as Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factors (BDNF) but in layman’s terms it means simply protecting the brain and keeping it stimulated and healthy. There is increasing evidence that turmeric helps to regulate serotonin levels and consequently may be an effective natural anti-depressant, and even some indications that it can improve overall cognitive ability.

4) Helps Support The Liver

There’s plenty to like about the health benefits turmeric can deliver to the liver. Not only is the liver crucial for overall bodily health, but it plays a major role in regulating the metabolic process. Turmeric speeds up the metabolism helping to process fats at a considerably quicker pace, lowering cholesterol levels and suppressing inflammation in the pancreas and digestive tract. Weight loss experts are increasingly recommending their clients take turmeric for the many benefits it has on accelerating the body’s metabolism, helping burn calories more efficiently.

5) Great For Musculoskeletal Health

Turmeric has long been thought to be a very useful supplement for helping to treat arthritis by alleviating those chronic aches and pains. Even better news is that there is a growing body of evidence that when taken on a regular, long term basis turmeric can maybe even help prevent a variety of bone diseases. Results from long term studies are not due for a number of years yet, but it is hoped that turmeric could hold the key to helping prevent or at least delay these problems from even emerging.

So there we have just 5 impressive health benefits of turmeric – and there’s thought to be plenty more yet to be recognized. Just be aware that curcumin requires a good source of bioperine in order to be effectively absorbed into the body and that not all supplements have this in adequate proportions. When eating turmeric in food or tea, remember that only a little is needed (too much can make you sick) and that again it will need to be combined with a good source of piperine (black peppercorns are perfect) to release the curcumin.