Why There Is Nothing Like A Christmas Train Set To Get In The Festive Spirit

christmas train

Kids, especially little boys, love train, so getting a train set is a real treat to have. For them, it’s like having an actual train in their room, only they can arrange how it looks by simply setting up the tracks. LEGO train sets are also perfect for kids just getting started for children – the LEGO trains are big, clunky and they’re easy to manipulate for a child’s clumsy fingers, but there are other ranges that are equally as fun.

This article is about why there is nothing like a christmas train set to get into the festive spirit.

Fun for the child and for parents.

Toy train sets are a fun way for parents to spend time with their children; young children love them, and for some parents they’re a fun way to remember their own childhoods. Underneath the Christmas tree could be a treasure for you and your children.

Just think about it, underneath the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree, amongst the other packages could be a box wrapped up in beautiful paper containing tracks with carriages and a tiny engine just waiting to be unpacked and assembled. To this day, no-one is sure when the first toy train set was made into the popular present it is now, but it was definitely within the last century. It probably started in the early 1900s, when Lionel produced the first electric toy trains.

These toy trains were popular, very popular, and they paved the way to the model railroad hobby. It became truly popular as a Christmas gift because children were more used to trains than with toy cars. Toy train sets were something for families to enjoy, and in some cases, people even set up garden railways.

Christmas Toy trains in the past.

Many people travelled, and still do, over vast distances, and it usually involves a trip by train. At Christmas, the number of travelers doubles, and packages are so transported by train at Christmastime. For some people, Christmas time is a perfect time to add to the train set you have.

Where most people can own a simple, circular set in their living room, further additions could give you an elaborate, multi-track layout with dozens of trains. At first, some of these toy train sets could be quite large, but then they began to become smaller, more realistic, but the magic survives even today.

Toy train sets are a fantastic way for families to come together. And it’s not just fun to own a toy train set for Christmas. Children benefit from playing with them – building one requires attention to detail, planning, and playing with toy trains encourages your child to be curious.


Modern gadgets have filled the Christmas wish lists for years. Space toys, iPads, mobile phones, all of them have taken the toy train’s place. It’s only with the last decade the toy train set has once more become part of the Christmas spirit.

Some people might believe that toy trains are old fashioned, but thanks to TV shows and popular movies, toy trains are making a comeback to your Christmas tree. Thomas the Tank Engine, The Polar Express, and the Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter movies, and the trains from Chuggington, trains are making a comeback.

It’s not a surprise that train enthusiasts hope the toy train set’s resurgence will not be a temporary thing. Indeed, for many people, especially adults, there’s a lot of sentimentality when it comes to unwrapping a train set under the Christmas tree. They’re having wonderful fun with their children.

That is why there is nothing like a train set to get into the festive spirit.