How Does A Keyless Deadbolt Keep Your Home Secure

Keyless Deadbolt Keep Your Home Secure

There isn’t any lock that’s impervious to a determined thief or burglar. Professional burglars know how to pick standard locks quickly, and even if you have high quality ‘pick-proof’ locks, they can be drilled out or simply smashed open with enough force. It is therefore important to have a functioning residential alarm system installed and working to provide yourself maximum protection.

How a keyless deadbolt works

With that being said, it is still important that you understand how locks work and what you can do to improve your home security. By employing keyless deadbolt rather than the regular door knob style spring loaded latch lock, you can reduce the chances of anyone other than a determined professional breaking in.

A Keyless Deadbolt is not spring loaded. The locking mechanism, a solid bar that extends into the door frame, cannot be pried back or forced open using a plastic card or thin strip of plastic. To be able to open a standard deadbolt lock, you need to use your key to turn the lock when you’re outside the door or turn the closing latch from inside.

Hard to break

An additional advantage of this type of lock is that by having the solid part of the lock usually extend one inch or more into your door frame, it makes the integrity of the door a lot more solid. Anyone who attempts to break down the door or kick it in will have much more of a challenge in contrast to doors using the small standard knob locks.

Because the lock extends into the door jamb, it helps prevent the trick of ‘springing’ the jamb. Crooks are aware that they can often open a locked door not by attempting to force the door, but by pushing on the door jamb on the lock side to force it away from the lock and let the door open. Check the jambs on your doors, particularly in older homes, and make sure the jambs close to the lock area cannot be just pushed or pried away from the lock.

You can open using a number code

A Keyless Deadbolt Lock is a particular kind of deadbolt that allows you to open the lock by entering a number code. You can set your code sequence of usually four digits, and when you wish to unlock the door, you just enter your code.

Easy to open if you lose your key

The benefit of a keyless deadbolt is obviously that you can still open the door if you lose your key, but also that you can set other unique codes to let tradespeople, friends or relations into the house if you are not at home. Separate codes may be set up for different occasions or needs and later removed from the lock memory. If you have children, a keypad deadbolt lock makes it simple always to keep the doors locked but still make it easy for family members to unlock the door.

If you don’t have the Keyless Deadbolt lock on all of the exterior doors of your home, it would be an excellent idea to get them put in. In the event, your doors are already pre-drilled for these, but they have not ever been put in, it’s easy to do it yourself job to put in the lock.


Take a few minutes to check out the doors to your house. And if you don’t have them already, install deadbolt locks on all of the doors that don’t have them.

Reviews Of The Most Effective Antiperspirant Sprays

Reviews Effective Antiperspirant Sprays

Are you looking to beat the heat of this summer? Well, here are the reviews of most effective antiperspirant sprays.

The odaban spray

There are a lot of people that consider this spray to be amazing. A lot of people have sweat issues and this has been going on for a really long time. Some people sweat in stressful situations and they are not even considered to be fat. There are plenty of genetic deodorants made but none of them seem to help some people. By using this spray, you will no longer sweat even while lifting things or in stressful conditions. It is actually quite mind boggling that how amazing this product is. People really find it effective, according to odaban spray review. However, there are some people that consider this product to be useless. When we talk about pregnant women, all of them have said that this product doesn’t really work on them and they feel no difference. They sweat under the same condition. But, I think that this product wasn’t really made for that purpose. There are plenty of other deodorants that are made for this specific purpose. Not all deodorants are suitable for pregnant women. I think that this spray is suitable for those people who do a lot of work in their daily routine.

Maxim deodorants

This deodorant is mainly great for the body odor. However, it is not only bought for perspiration but also for body odor. A lot of doctors suggest this but some people love to buy it because of the aroma it gives. This deodorant contains almost 15% Aluminum Chloride instead of containing the 20% in Drysol. There are a lot of other reviews posted on different websites about this deodorant. This deodorant is really effective. A lot of people prefer to buy this. The issues with body odors usually occur because of some issue of the hormones or some other reason. However, some people have said that the roll does not really function well. Actually, that doesn’t really happen in all of the deodorants. You can check the roll before buying it and making sure if it actually works later when you bring it home. This product really works wonders despite the fact that the roll sometimes goes dead. But, on the bright side, it is really awesome and it is effective for those who have body odor issues. You won’t have to hide anymore because this deodorant really makes a difference.

Certain Dri Deodorant

The Certain Dri is a prescription strength roll on. This roll on contains 2% of Aluminum Chloride and with the best antiperspirant that you can get without any prescription. There are a lot of other antiperspirants that may have aluminum complexes at a higher rate, but they cannot be counted as exactly the same. You must be aware of the fact that aluminum chloride is the strongest and the most active ingredient that is available in the antiperspirants and it is the same active ingredient that is available in a lot of other prescription formulas. However, when it comes to the doctors the Aluminum Chloride is considered to be the number one recommended active ingredient when the issues of excessive sweating come to mind. This is mainly the reason why the Certain Dri Deodorant is considered to be better than all the other deodorants.

Guide To Picking The Best Bread Maker

Guide To Best Bread Maker

Breadmakers are not all created equally; sometimes you can depend on a brand that you have respected for many years, and often, folks make their decision based on the way the appliance looks. We are going to give you some tips from for choosing the right breadmaker, and we are going to list the top five best breadmakers, in our humble opinion.

I. What to Consider

The most important factors when it comes to choosing an electric appliance for making bread include the following:


The size of the breadmaker you choose should be compatible with the size of your kitchen. Depending on your strength, you might want to take the weight of the appliance into consideration. Make sure the controls are easy to operate, and the design you choose is easy to clean.

Loaf Size Capacity/Possible Types of Bread

Depending on the size of your family, you will want to make sure your breadmaker can make loaf-sizes that fit your family’s collective appetites. You also want to read the manual to become familiar with the types of bread your potential machine can make.

Additional Features

Since most breadmakers have more functions in addition to making bread, read closely to see what else the breadmaker on which you are deciding has processes you want and will use.


There are expensive breadmakers that make bread that is no different from a loaf made in a less expensive machine. On the other hand, some devices on the higher-end are well worth the additional cost. Once you realize this is true, it is time to do your research.

II. Brands

1. Zojirushi BB-PAC20

Most bakers agree that the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 is the best breadmaker around. While it’s not particularly cute, this appliance can make a meatloaf, offer a gluten-free setting, store your personal pre-settings, and make pizza dough, cakes, pretzels, jam, and bagels.

2. Cuisinart CBK-100 2-Pound Programmable Bread Maker

This machine has a pasta dough setting and a packet mix setting for prepackaged mixes. It has an alarm to signal when you should include any additional ingredients called for in the recipe and a beeper to tell you when the bread baking is complete. And, get this, the Cuisinart will keep your loaf warm for an hour and prevent it from getting that “wet” texture while it’s waiting.

3. Oster CKSTBRTW20 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Maker

This machine is the least expensive legitimate breadmaker out there, but don’t put this baby in the corner. It has an acceptable range of functions and makes a good loaf of bread if you follow instructions correctly. There’s a bit of vibration when it’s running, but many users give the Oster satisfactory marks. And, remember, the price is right.

4. Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Bread Maker

The sunbeam bread machine offers 12 separate baking programs, of which eight relate to baking bread. It also includes a rapid-baking option and three settings for crust crunchiness and color. Most bakers who have used this machine are pleased with the results.

5. Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Yeast Dispenser

The Oster offers the largest loaf size of any of this group. It will produce a 2-pound bread product. The size settings available on the device are small, medium, and large. It has six settings and two crust options. Although it may seem the Oster is a bit “paired-down,” those who own it are pleased with their results.

Good luck on choosing the correct breadmaker for your family!

Highly recommended fastpitch balls

The glove represents the most important piece of equipment for a softball player. There are too many situations in which a very good player will have a bad representation during the game because of ill-fitting gloves or because of poorly-constructed gloves. This is a hard lesson to learn and you should learn it not out of your own experience but out of the experience that others have had in the pitch. It is true that the search for the best fastpitch ball can be a time-consuming and confusing task but if you check out Softball Ace’s recommended fastpitch gloves, you are surely going to get quick and easy access to the best options now available on the market. Here is a short list for you to check out.


1.The Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Tartan H2 Softball Glove- this is a pre-oiled glove which has proved to be efficient for quick break-in, it is made of very soft leather and useful for any position, but it is mainly designed for small hands. As a result of this, the Mizuno Glove doesn’t represent a good purchase if you have big hands.

  1. The Franklin Fastpitch Series 12” Softball Glove- this is a glove that has a large pocket, so it is easier for the player to secure the ball. However, keep in mind the fact that this glove has a hand opening and finger stalls that will only comfortably fit the hands of a teenager.
  2. Mizuno MVP GMVP1250F2 glove- this glove has a parashock plus palm pad, so it will be easier for you to catch hard-hit balls and very fast balls. Since it can be used at various positions, it is a good choice for an outfielder, an infielder, a catcher and a pitcher as well.
  3. The Eastern Synergy Elite Fastpitch 2000- this is a glove with a palm pad that is especially designed to protect the hand. It is a soft but durable glove, so it should last through several seasons. Since the glove has a comfortable fit, it helps the player achieve functional performance.

As you can see, there are numerous options available on the market. We have only described some of the best options available but the offer is much more diverse than this. Since the selection available is so wide, it is easy to understand why so many softball players, especially beginners, have difficulties in choosing a glove that truly fits their needs and their preferences. The good news is that there are so many specialists and experienced players who are more than willing to share their experience with beginners in an attempt to help them make wise choices and investments. I know for sure that you are going to find a top quality glove that you are going to be pleased with as long as you direct your attention to the details mentioned by specialists. Of course, the list above is going to help you, so read more about all the gloves present on this list as they all represent a wise investment.

6 Simple and Effective Dog Training Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About


From just those basic commands to advanced tricks, did you know dog training is a rewarding and engaging experience for you and your dog? Teaching our dogs the basic command of obedience will make your household a much more pleasant place. If you have a dog at home, here are top dog boot camp training tips you could make use of today.

Be consistent

When you are training your dog consistency is key, apply the same rules and the same words all the time. For example, it is important to get as may family members involved as possible so everyone is on the same page. If you are telling your dog ‘down’ when he jumps on your bed and someone else is saying ‘off’, how on earth is he ever going to learn what you want? Plus, once a new behavior has been learned, incorporate it into your daily routine.

Keep your training session short and fun

Technically, people are always advised to have at most 3 or 4 training sessions each day and to keep them as short as possible, preferably less than 15 minutes each session. If at some point your find yourself getting frustrated, stop. The whole thing is supposed to be fun for you and your dog.

Be generous and smart

Reward your dog for being right. Give him a verbal praise or an ear massage. Plus, be very smart and don’t give a command unless either you know that your dog understands and will respond to it correctly or you are in a position to help him get it right.

As with kids, dog also need a schedule

Like a tamper tantrum throwing kid without structure in its life, a dog without a set schedule is bound to become irritable and act out. When it comes to training, our dogs need set times of interaction, exercise, feeding and training.

Be happy

During the whole training, your dog is your friend and your training partner all at the same time, keep your voice upbeat and smile at him. Dogs are extremely sensitive to our tone of voice and body language. Use both to let him know that you will be so happy when does what you ask him.

As if that is not even enough; always listen to your dog. If at any given time your dog appears to be uncomfortable meeting another dog or person, do not insist that he say hello. You should respect that for forcing the issue can often result in bigger problem down the line.

Overall, when it comes to training your dog, it is important to note that changing behaviors takes time. It is because of this that you need to have realistic expectation about changing your four legged friend’s behavior. Invest on dog training and remember it takes time and effort to see real improvement in your dog’s behavior. The best part, it is never too early or too late to start working with your dog. Whether your dog is still a puppy or a more mature dog, commit to start today.

Garden Designs: Guildford Cathedral


The Guildford Cathedral also known as the Cathedral church of the Holy Spirit is found in Guildford Surreyin England. It was consencrated in 1961 and its architect was Edward Maufe.

The Cathedral’s design style can be best described as gothic or art deco. It is a remarkable building with an equally remarkable history.

The cathedral was made a diocesse in 1927 and Sir Edward was chossen to be its architect. Its construction was meant to take several years so as to facilitate for the construction funds but this was suspended by the onset and aftermath of the Second World War.

In the 1950s, the buy a brick initiative was incorporated to raise funds for the continual construction of the building and it was a great succes even the Queen bought and signed a brick that can be found inside the cathedral.

The cathedral stands strategically on the stag Hill. It has a tower that goes upto 160 feet high with 12 bells. The cathedral’s interior is by all means breath taking from its Somerset limestone pillars to its Itallian marble floor and it appears to be filled with light.

At the peak of the tower is an angel sculptured in the memory of one Sgt. Reginald Adgey-Edgar who died in active service in 1944.

Outside the cathedral, is a recent garden named the Seeds of Hope Children’d Garden opened in 2008 to serve the purpose of a serene environment for the youth and children to relieve themselves as well as explore the feelings that come about with loss of any kind.

Most cathedrals have stained glass but the Guildford Cathedral serves as an exception as it has less stained glass than average. Instead, it has a clear glazing scheme that further complements its modern style of architecture.

As it is custom of cathedrals to have organs, the Guildford’s organ dattes to as far back as c.1866 and it was installed by the Rushworth and Dreaper firm of Liverpool in 1961.

The cathedral’s exterior is enough to leave anyone agape by its beauty. it has a number of features like carvings and sculptures.

The west door has the carving of God’s hand above three central windows of which, this hand is surmounted by the moon, sun and stars.

A scallop shell supported by two hand to indicate the Paten with communion bread meets you in the south garth of the cathedral. On it’s other side is the carving of an open book with encrypted word that appear everywhere within the church.

Just past the south garth are the seven carvings of christian virtues all sculptured by the very best sculptors of that time. The cathedral’s exterior is packed with many carvings and statues that bear a rich story and meaning behind them.

Some of these sculptures are: the statue of St. Hubert above the cathedral’s balcony, the south door is the figure of St John the Baptist, the Diocesan Coat of Arms is found within St. Ursula’s Porch, the Lady’s cathedral is home to the various female saints statues and is found at the eastern end of the church, the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit carvings are found on the northside of the church and finally the north garth is a carving of a chalice full of Communion wine and the other side is a hand holding a dove to signify the Holy Spirit.

The Guildford Cathedral is a wonder of its own, a sight to behold and evry inch of its beauty bears such a rich history behind it.

Polseden Lacey History

Description of Polseden Lacey

Polseden Lacey is a beautiful and magnificent country mansion and landscape garden in Great Bookham south of London near Dorking, Surrey. The house was initially redesigned heavily for Mrs.Greville and her husband Captain Greville, who passed away in 1908.

The original owner of the house can be dated back to 1336 and was known as Herbert de Polesden who sold his piece of land to the family of John Lacey.

The most popular owner of the house was the famous eighteenth century play writer, John Sheridan. Most of his fragments were eliminated from the house after the redesign by the Grevilles.

In 1923, using her casual wit, Margaret invited the duke and his wife to enjoy their honeymoon at the mansion and the couple subsequently spent two weeks at the house.

This generated lots of positive publicity even causing a popular London newspaper to post a major article about the house.

The mansion was maintained by an approximate number of 180 staff who commuted between the Polseden Lacey and her house in London.

Whilst most people would have described her as shrewd and seemingly unkind, Margaret was rather compassionate and even held an Annual Servants ball for all her servants.

Some of the staff at the house included housemaids, housekeepers, lady’s maid, chauffeurs and gardeners.

Mrs. Margaret’s Life

To get a clearer view of Polseden lacey history it is essential that we have a look at the Margaret’s life. Admittedly considered as the one of the main attractions at the mansion,

Mrs. Margaret Greville was an Edwardian hostess who was born in 1863. Her father was a brewer by profession from Edinburgh and was known as William McEwan.

Her father was a rich and successful brewer and is believed to be the one who gave her a large portion of the funds she used to acquire the house with. His wife (Margaret’s Mother)was known as Helen Anderson, a domestic servant by profession, and the pair officially tied the knot in 1885.

They seemed to be the ideal role models for Margaret as she followed suit and got married in 1891. The person who had stolen her heart was a powerful Irish aristocrat who went by the name Ronald Greville.

Noted for her social skills, social connection and astounding art collection, Margaret would host her myriad of influential friends at the mansion in the in the 1920s and 30s.

To her money was not an object, and she wasn’t shy to spend it anything she found that she considered valuable.

Her enigmatic personality and caustic wit, earned Mrs. Margaret an audience from an array of influential guests including the Edward VII, George VI and the famous Queen Elizabeth.

The Polseden Lacey of Today

As an avid collector of antique items such as paintings, ornaments and furniture the house is still festooned and wreathed with this magnificent collection. The house is protected and maintained by The National Trust.

The National Trust is an organization that is responsible for looking after historic houses, sites, villages and any general rudimentary establishment.

The house is still adorned with the photos of when her influential friends visited the house. Mrs.Greville insisted that after her death, the house be left for the public to see and that her extensive collection be put on permanent display.

On the day of her death (in 1942),she requested that the house be in memory of her late father, Mr.McEwan.

Top 5 Famous Landscape Gardens in Surrey UK

There are a number of gardens in Surrey that are just awesomely breathtaking. Their features make them beautiful especially for those who appreciate nature.

The lakes, streams and other water sources that are found in these landscapes creates a fresh air and it makes one feel really close to the nature. These famous landscape gardens in surrey UK include:

Claremont Landscape Gardens.

Claremont is among the English Landscape gardens. It is still the finest of this category. Its main features include; Serpentine lake, beautiful walking paths, and vista.

The garden also has an island, pavilion grotto that is well maintained, viewpoints that gives you the view of the whole garden without having to really walk around, and turf Amphitheatre that gives one a perfect outdoor experience.

Crosswater Farm Garden

This is a breathtaking woodland garden with a nursery. The garden specializes in rhododendrons as well as azaleas. The garden is about 6 acres. It has several ponds and one stream.

Generally, the rhododendrons make the main feature of the garden. However, other plants such as Sorbus, Japanese Maples, and Magnolias.

Coverwood Lakes & Gardens

This beautifully landscaped garden occupies 14 acres. The garden has Rhododendrons that are up to 30 ft tall. It also has Azaleas and Camellias as well as other types of trees.

The four lakes are surrounded by flowering shrubs which make them more beautiful. These lakes are fed with water from streams from natural springs. Other plants include blue cedar, Douglas fir, and swamp cypress.


If you are looking forward to a great day out, the Painshill garden is the ideal deal for you. It is an 18th-century garden, beautiful to visit. The landscape lies on 158-acre wonderland.

The landscape has crystal Grotto and mystical follies which include; Ruined Abbey, the Gothic Temple and Tower, as well as Turkish Tent. The garden also has other features such as Waterwheel, awesome wildlife, a Vineyard and a Hermitage.

Actually, this garden has something for everyone! The painshill shop is ideal for anyone who might want a gift or some greeting card and wine.

You can easily access the Serpentine Lake and also bring your dog around. This is a garden is accommodative of school visits as it offers great outdoor learning activities. Another exciting thing about the garden is that one can pre-book through the pre-paying non-refundable deposit.

This guarantees one all the services they will need on their visit.

Polesden Lacey garden

The garden occupies 30-acre. It has long terrace walk that offers fine views all across the valley. The garden is beautifully walled. The garden has a large rose plantation. It is divided into four, squares that are sectioned by water tower covered with, an ancient Chinese wisteria, paths, and sumptuous rambler roses.

For rose lovers, this is definitely the place for you. The water tower is amazing and eye-catching. The terrain is awesome and inviting to walk around.

In summary, all landscapes might be attractive, but it is the uniqueness and the well maintenance of the features that makes a garden stand out. The above five gardens give us just that and this makes them top the list of the most amazing gardens in Surrey.